The office of the Government Architect NSW provides strategic design leadership in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture.

By integrating design expertise, we work across government, the private sector and the community to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes for NSW and all of our communities.

GANSW supports the NSW Government in delivering quality, managing risk and fostering innovation to create people-centred places.

In acknowledging the traditional Aboriginal custodians of the land and their unique cultural relationships to place, GANSW seeks to uphold the idea that if we care for country - it will care for us.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of NSWARB

NSW State Design Review Panel

Applications are still open until 9 February 2018 for qualified professionals interested in joining the NSW State Design Review Panel (SDRP) as part of a pilot program to promote better design quality in State Significant projects.

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Image Credit: GANSW

Green Infrastructure policy

Greener Places is a draft urban Green Infrastructure policy for NSW which advocates for recognising Green Infrastructure as essential infrastructure for our towns cities and suburbs. To find out more about Green Infrastructure you can download the full policy.

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Image Credit: GANSW

Integrated design policy

Better Placed is an integrated design policy for the built environment of NSW which advocates for sharing the responsibility in delivering good processes and outcomes for NSW. It has been designed to be used by multiple groups across the NSW community. You can download the full policy or browse through it here:

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Image Credit: GANSW

Sydney Green Grid

The Sydney Green Grid project proposes a network of high quality green areas that connect homes to town centres, public transport networks and major residential areas. It includes open spaces, parks, bushland waterway corridors and tree lined streetscapes. It is the basis of a policy for green infrastructure in NSW (in development) and forms an integral part of the Sydney Metro Strategy.

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Image Credit: John Gollings

Seoul Biennale 2017

GANSW is proud to be contributing to the inaugural Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, opening on September 1. From September to November this year, GANSW work will feature in the ‘Cities Exhibition’ which examines governance mechanisms of cities around the world.

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Image Credit: John Gollings

Sydney Architecture Festival 2017

This October long weekend, GANSW is proud to be supporting the World Architecture Day Global Oration, which will be delivered on Monday 1st October by Dr Kristien Ring – American architect, academic, curator and author.

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Image Credit: John Gollings

Design Guide for Schools

The Design Guide for Schools provides practical guidance on how school projects can be designed to best address the design quality principles outlined in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Educational Establishments and Child Care Facilities) 2017.

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It is essential that as we all look to the future, that we are ambitious, that we put good design front and centre, leaving a legacy that we can look back on and be proud of 200 years from now.

Anthony Roberts

Minister for Planning

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