Greener Places is a draft policy to guide the design, planning, design and delivery of Green Infrastructure in urban areas across NSW. Green Infrastructure is the network of green spaces, natural systems and semi-natural systems including parks, rivers, bushland and private gardens that are strategically planned, designed and managed to support good quality of life in the urban environment.

The aim of the policy is to create a healthier, more liveable, more resilient and sustainable urban environment by improving community access to recreation and exercise, walking and cycling connections.

This draft of the policy is for consultation with the community and stakeholders. It aims to promote discussion about what the final policy should address. All feedback on this policy will be considered and a final version will be developed in early 2018.

Greener Places builds on the Sydney Green Grid strategy which was developed by GANSW to create a network of high quality green areas that connect town centres, public transport networks and major residential areas in Sydney. You can download a brief overview of the Sydney Green Grid or read the reports in detail.

Give your feedback on the draft Greener Places Policy by 26 February 2018

We welcome your feedback on the draft Greener Places Policy and encourage you to make a submission.

  • Make an online submission
  • Or write to:

    Greener Places
    Government Architect New South Wales
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