The Government Architect NSW (GANSW) provides strategic design leadership in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture.

At GANSW we:

  • Champion - Promote, educate and advocate for design awareness and excellence on behalf of Government, its agencies and partners
  • Connect - Foster public and private sector partnerships, collaboration and design collaboration across built environment initiatives
  • Advise - Provide strategic and independent advice and quality review to support best practice and outcomes for design projects

By integrating design expertise, we work across government, the private sector and the community to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes for NSW and all of our communities.

In acknowledging the traditional Aboriginal custodians of the land and their unique cultural relationships to place, GANSW seeks to uphold the idea that If we care for Country - It will care for us.

Abbie Galvin - Portrait

Image Credit: GANSW

Abbie Galvin announced as the 24th NSW Government Architect

On Tuesday 1st October Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes announced the appointment of Abbie Galvin as the 24th Government Architect.

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A view of Central Park on Broadway in Sydney with pedestrians passing by.

Image Credit: GANSW

Movement and Place

Our network of roads and streets are a major part of the system of public space that helps connect our places. The Movement and Place Framework creates a shared language and approach to help all stakeholders achieve better place outcomes for the people of NSW.

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better placed feature mobile 375x251

Image Credit: GANSW

Good Design is Government Policy

Better Placed is a policy that provides a set of principles and guidance to support good design in NSW.

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An elderly man playing oversized chess in a public park.

Image Credit: GANSW

Publications and Resources

We research and prepare documents that provide policy, principles, advice and best practice examples to support good design processes and outcomes.

These include Policies, Design Frameworks, Guides & Manuals, Case Studies, Advisory Notes, and Webinars.

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A group of soccer players kicking a soccer ball around a park.

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We deliver strategic spatial frameworks for complex government led precincts and support for project formation and definition.

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Looking up at two people leaning against a circular balustrade.

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Design Review

We provide a range of independent design advice and quality review including with the recently established State Design Review Panel pilot (SDRP).

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A cyclist on a path travelling through Sydney's Hyde Park with a fig tree in the foreground.

Image Credit: GANSW

Greener Places

Greener Places is a design framework produced by GANSW to guide the design, planning, design and delivery of Green Infrastructure in urban areas across NSW.

Find out more about green infrastructure and the design framework

Featured documents

Design Guide for Heritage (New)

PDF, 4.3MB

This document offers a resource for good design in heritage places. It is a collaboration between GANSW and the Heritage Council of NSW.

Design Guide for Heritage (New)

Environmental Design in Schools (New)

PDF, 1.2MB

This manual can be read alongside the GANSW Design Guide for Schools which provides guidance on new schools and major upgrades in NSW. It has been prepared by GANSW in collaboration with Schools Infrastructure NSW.

Environmental Design in Schools (New)

Urban Design for Regional NSW

PDF, 9.6MB

This guide has been prepared specifically for regional NSW. It provides guidance for creating healthy built environments in regional areas of the State. It is a collaboration between GANSW and Department of Planning and Environment.

Urban Design for Regional NSW