GANSW is about advocating, enabling and supporting a well-designed built environment for the people of NSW. Our work is driven by three core goals: to enable better design processes for projects, to build design capacity, and to advocate for a strong and engaged design culture.

GANSW defines a well-designed built environment as being healthy, responsive, integrated, equitable and resilient

Healthy – for all members of our communities, promoting physical activity and walkable environments, social cohesion, as well as community safety and security to support people’s well-being.

Responsive – to the needs and aspirations of local people, now and into the future, inviting innovative use and habitation, interaction, productivity and enjoyment.

Integrated – by drawing together the relationships between parts and elements, considering interfaces at multiple scales and working common goals and aspirations.

Equitable – by presenting opportunities for all segments of our community so residents and visitors have access to and can move about freely between public domain, infrastructure, open space and buildings.

Resilient – to the dynamic, challenging conditions of our time, to adapt and evolve while retaining essential qualities and values.

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