The Government Architect has responsibility for leading the activities of the Government Architect NSW (GANSW) including developing and maintaining relationships across Government. The Government Architect performs several statutory roles including delegated responsibility for the Department’s design excellence functions.

The Government Architect (or delegate) chairs the State Design Review Panel and also sits on numerous boards and review panels including Central Sydney Planning Committee, the NSW Architect’s Registration Board, NSW Heritage Council and Sydney Opera House Conservation Council. They also sit on numerous state and local government design review panels.

Abbie Galvin, Olivia Hyde, and Paulo Macchia.

Abbie Galvin is the Government Architect working alongside the executive team to lead the activities of GANSW:

  • Olivia Hyde, Director Design Excellence
    Professor of Practice (Architecture), University of Sydney
  • Paulo Macchia, Director Design Governance

Government Architect NSW Team

  • Abbie Galvin, Executive Director
  • Olivia Hyde, Director Design Excellence
  • Paulo Macchia, Director Design Governance
  • Gabriela Heesh, Executive Assistant
  • Angus Bell, Senior Design Advisor
  • Barbara Schaffer, Principal Design Advisor
  • Barnaby Bennett, Senior Design Advisor
  • Ben Campbell, Operations and Communications Manager
  • Brindha Kugan, Senior Design Advisor
  • Brooke Matthews, Senior Design Advisor
  • Carol Marra, Principal Design Advisor
  • Claire Krelle, Senior Design Advisor
  • Darlene van der Breggen, Principal Design Advisor
  • Dillon Kombumerri, Principal Design Advisor
  • Elizabeth Bowra, Senior Design Advisor
  • Emma Kirkman, Principal Design Advisor
  • Gail Fletcher, Project Officer
  • Grace Mortlock, Senior Design Advisor
  • Grace Wolstencroft, Senior Design Advisor
  • Guy Pinkerton, Senior Design Advisor
  • Jeremy Giacomini, Senior Design Advisor
  • Jillian Hopkins, Principal Design Advisor
  • Kim Bazely, Senior Design Advisor
  • Lucy Rimmer, Senior Design Advisor
  • Melizza Morales, Senior Design Advisor
  • Rebecca Donney, Project Officer
  • Rory Toomey, Principal Design Advisor
  • Sarah Lawlor, Senior Design Advisor
  • Victoria Hamilton, Project Officer