The Government Architect has responsibility for leading the activities of the Government Architect NSW (GANSW) including developing and maintaining relationships across Government. The Government Architect performs several statutory roles including delegated responsibility for the Department’s design excellence functions.

The Government Architect (or delegate) chairs the State Design Review Panel and also sits on numerous boards and review panels including Central Sydney Planning Committee, the NSW Architect’s Registration Board, NSW Heritage Council and Sydney Opera House Conservation Council. They also sit on numerous state and local government design review panels.

Abbie Galvin, Olivia Hyde, and Paulo Macchia.

Abbie Galvin is the Government Architect working alongside the executive team to lead the activities of GANSW:

  • Olivia Hyde, Director of Design Excellence
    Professor of Practice (Architecture), University of Sydney
  • Paulo Macchia, Director Design Governance

Government Architect NSW Team

The GANSW team represents a wide range of expertise and diverse experiences.

Members of the team include:

  • Ben Campbell, Senior Design Advisor
  • Brindha Kugan, Senior Design Advisor
  • Elizabeth Bowra, Senior Design Advisor
  • Georgia Withey, Senior Design Advisor
  • Media Hakim, Design Officer
  • Nour Yousef, Student Planner
  • Vanessa Levy Mesman, Senior Design Advisor