Urban design is an integrated discipline, and the large-scale process of designing and intentionally shaping the built environment. It is the complex interface between infrastructure, public domain and development and is framed by contending social, economic and environmental factors.

As our cities and towns grow and develop to accommodate fluctuating populations, the importance of good urban design process is fundamental to ensure that the integrated design of buildings, open space, public realm and infrastructure is balanced to achieve outcomes which are healthy, integrated, responsive, resilient and equitable.

This document builds on the objectives of Better Placed, the integrated design policy for the built environment of NSW and provides further detail and guidance on how to achieve good urban design outcomes. It is for everyone involved with the design of the built environment in NSW.

This includes government agencies who are involved in city-shaping projects, developers, planners, engineers, urban designers, landscape architects, architects, building designers and communities who contribute to the design of their environments – whether as decision-makers, service providers, clients or end users.

We would like to thank the many individuals and organisations that have provided feedback on the draft. We are currently reviewing the feedback and will use this to assist in preparing the final guide.