Draft Greener Places Design Guide

The Draft Greener Places Design Guide provides information on how to design, plan and implement green infrastructure in urban areas throughout NSW. The draft guide provides strategies, performance criteria and recommendations to assist planning authorities, and design and development communities to deliver green infrastructure.

The draft Greener Places Design Guide was on public exhibition from 25 June to 28 August. Thank you to all who provided feedback.

A summary of the feedback is provided in the Draft Greener Places Design Guide – What We Heard Consultation Report.  

The Draft Design Guide was discussed at a webinar on 2 July 2020.

The Greener Places Design Guide provides advice on:

  • Open space for Recreation: green infrastructure for people,
  • Urban tree canopy; green infrastructure for adaptation and resilience and
  • Bushland and waterways: green infrastructure for habitat and ecological health

Greener Places supporting draft guide graphic

Open space for recreation

This guide provides a framework for improved public open space planning. It outlines the delivery of better quality, easily accessible open space for recreation that keeps pace with expected population growth and increased density in urban areas.

Urban tree canopy

This guide provides recommendations for planning and improvement in urban tree canopy. It addresses all levels of government and encourages a collaborative interagency approach. The aim is to empower local government and State agencies to produce evidence-based approaches that preserve and enhance the urban tree canopy.

Connecting bushland and waterway

This guide provides a framework for improving connectivity between bushland and waterways supporting habitat and biodiversity in urban areas. It promotes the connection of people to nature within a sustainable environment.

Draft Greener Places Design Guide – What We Heard Consultation Report

This report summarises feedback received by DPIE on the draft Greener Places Design Guide. 

The report provides an opportunity to publicly acknowledge:

  • the valuable feedback received,
  • outline how it is being considered and; 
  • thank those that have taken the time to share their expertise and experience.  

The report consists of:

  • a brief outline of the engagement undertaken during the development of the draft guide  
  • a summary of the key themes arising from the submissions and NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s responses; and  
  • next steps for the development of the guide

The report will be of particular interest to the 110 organisations and individuals who made submissions but also anyone with an interest in green infrastructure.