The inaugural Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism is centred on the question of what the city will become in the face of rapid and radical transformation: ‘From the time of its birth, the city has been held together by the commons. The Biennale proposes a set of basic commons – an evolving network of agencies, resources and technologies – as the critical issue in the move towards a sustainable and a just urbanism’ (from the curators, Hyungmin Pai and Alejandro Zaero-Polo).

The Sydney exhibit for the Biennale Cities Exhibition has been developed in collaboration with local architects, Terroir. It focusses on the strategic tools of architectural and design that are central to a place-based strategic framework methodology, which offers a way of organising people, resources and spaces across precincts.

GANSW is collaboratively preparing several strategic frameworks around Sydney and NSW. The recently drafted Macquarie Street Strategic Framework is “a way to present a holistic consideration of the Street and Precinct to guide future planning and ensure the cultural, civic and heritage significance of this important area is protected for future generations”. You can read the Framework on the Property NSW website.

The theme of the Cities Exhibition is current trends in governance and strategy around the world and is a great opportunity to showcase the strategic role of GANSW on an international stage.

As well as international representatives from industry and government, the organisers of the Biennale anticipate approximately 1.4million visitors attending events and viewing the Cities Exhibition.

You can read more about the exhibition and the Biennale here.

See images from the September 1 exhibition opening below, and you can download our Biennale brochure here: