Central to the strategic leadership role that GANSW fulfils, is an experienced capacity for rigorous design thinking. We want our thinking to inspire others to be ambitious and to strive to achieve something better than business as usual, because great places and cities don’t happen by chance. They are designed and continue to be designed as we manage the transformation of our cities.

Design thinking offers a holistic way of finding opportunities and resolving project problems. It is the method in which designers seek to integrate possibilities and to generate new ideas. It is a creative process that seeks answers through collaboration and synthesis of multiple inputs. Design thinking is a creative skill where designers make new connections, test and retest ideas, and anticipate future challenges in order to find a better outcome for the problem at hand.

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Good Design is Government Policy

Better Placed is a policy that provides a set of principles and guidance to support good design in NSW.

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Good Urban Design

Building on the objectives outlined in Better Placed, this working draft is being developed by GANSW to support better urban design outcomes for NSW. You can read the draft here and submit comments for feedback.

Read more on the Urban Design Guide

Design thinking has much to offer… it provides not just a useful and rigorous process of coming up with creative ideas but also a synthesising, holistic way of looking at the world around us, making connections and seeing relationships among things we often treat as separate and distinct.

Thomas Fisher

Designing our way to a better world

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