Better Placed is an integrated design policy for the built environment of NSW. It seeks to capture our collective aspiration and expectations for the places where we work, live and play. It creates a clear approach to ensure we get the good design that will deliver the architecture, public places and environments we want to inhabit now and those we make for the future.

Design plays a critical role in achieving the aspiration we have for our future, because good design is about deep understanding and a creative synthesis of ideas, issues and people. Design offers both a stand-alone and contributing process to planning our future by bringing together creative intelligence, lateral thinking and capturing the collective imagination. Importantly, design is an iterative and inclusive process with much more to offer to decision making and planning in government.

Better Placed confirms our collective wishes for the future design of our infrastructure, architecture, and public spaces, and endorses the power of design to design to enable a better and resilient future for our communities.

Peter Poulet

NSW Government Architect