Good design outcomes require good design process. GANSW collaborates with government agencies and industry to promote procurement practices that foster innovation and diversity. 

Good procurement is one method for delivering public value for government projects. GANSW explores opportunities for the design industry to engage with NSW Government and its significant capital works investment. We apply systems-thinking to frame design procurement in the context of state policy. We advocate for fair, transparent and diverse procurement practices that prioritise good design.

The Government Architect’s Strategy and Design Prequalification Scheme connects strategy and design professionals to government opportunities. GANSW coordinate this scheme. We also develop thought leadership on procurement related themes such as:

  • Where are the opportunities for designers to engage with government projects?
  • What is the legacy of the state’s infrastructure investment?
  • How can smart procurement help steward the design industry into the future?
  • Which design management practices can assure good design outcomes across government?

Advocating for strategic thinking

GANSW advises government agencies on procurement processes to support the delivery of good design outcomes. We champion early involvement of strategic services to set the conditions for innovation. Our service offer to government agencies includes workshopping the project scope, review of design briefs, strategies for team selection, methods for qualitative assessment and tactics for design management.

Supporting industry capacity

The procurement of design services is an opportunity to invest in design thinking. We encourage government agencies to foster emerging talent, support regional practitioners and incorporate indigenous perspectives. We make connections between procurement practices and the capacity of designers to respond to future challenges. Architecture Bulletin March 2019 Procurement Issue p 38.

Positioning suppliers with government

Procurement for good design supports NSW Government to become a ‘best in class’ client. We collaborate with industry peak bodies and government working group forums to endorse best practices and good client relationships. GANSW has endorsed the Australian Institute of Architects’ Guidelines for EOI and RFT for architectural services.

Advisory Notes

GANSW has produced advisory notes to assist with supporting better procurement processes. These include: