Collaboration and knowledge sharing are not only fundamentally important to good design outcomes, they also deliver some of the most enriching and rewarding parts of the job.

GANSW is involved in a range of collaborative projects bringing together people and organisations from all levels of government, industry and the community. These projects provide a platform for an informed and robust conversation to help shape our built environment.

Strategic Frameworks

GANSW have collaborated with government agencies and industry to prepare strategic frameworks focussed on areas of strategic or urban importance around Sydney and NSW. The frameworks often include a complex range of projects and interested parties. The process of preparing the frameworks allow government to join up the dots, enabling a defined area to be considered holistically, encouraging future development that will enhance and protect areas of cultural, civic and heritage significance for future generations.

The process brings together government agencies, key interests and a range of disciplines to produce a coherent vision and agreed values based on a shared understanding of the issues. The strategic frameworks are designed to assist with the next stages of master planning and a framework to assist government in considering current and/or future proposals for investment and development.

Collaborative Design Guides

GANSW have developed several collaborative design guides with Government agencies. These include

  • Draft Design Guide for Heritage with Office of Environment and Heritage,
  • Design Guide for Schools Department of Education; and
  • Environmental Design in Schools with Schools Infrastructure.

We are also exploring opportunities for further joint projects.

Championing good design processes across government

GANSW have established MOUs to work closely with UrbanGrowth NSW and the Land and Housing Corporation to support those organisations in their implementation of best practice design processes which achieve quality design outcomes. If your agency is involved in delivering programs or projects in the built environment and would like to discuss opportunities to collaborate with us, please get in touch.

Testing emerging policy and guidance

GANSW has also worked with industry to test emerging policy and guidance. The Missing Middle Design Competition tested the draft design guide for complying development for medium density housing. The competition demonstrated how application of the draft design guide by skilled designers can support good design results across a range of housing types.

Key Projects