Design Review is a widely used and accepted form of improving the design quality of projects across NSW.

Design Review Panels (DRP’s) or similar (Design Advisory Panels, Design Excellence Panels etc.) currently exist at a local government level, often in the form of SEPP 65 panels; at a state level for specific projects, such as the Metro DRP; at a precinct scale such as the Sydney Olympic Park Authority DRP; and within state agencies such as Transport and Urban Growth.

Although not a requirement, the Apartment Design Guide (ADG) strongly recommends the establishment of DRPs at a local level to review SEPP 65 buildings as part of their assessment. Part 5 of the ADG provides guidelines and templates for Design Review and encourages councils to use their DRP for other significant local projects such as planning proposals and local infrastructure.

Better Placed will support the delivery of quality design review across NSW through the articulation of an overarching set of best practice design objectives and the processes that support them.