The Government Architect’s Strategy & Design Excellence Prequalification Scheme is focused on the delivery of strategic planning advice and design excellence, quality and innovation in the built environment.

The scheme is a list of architects, economists, urban designers and other experts who have undergone pre-qualification to help NSW Government agencies wishing to engage highly skilled and experienced organisations, as well as emerging businesses, who can provide quality strategy and design excellence services. An expedited tendering process is part of the scheme.

Applicants seeking prequalification must be able to demonstrate recent experience and design excellence within one or more of the following capabilities:

  1. Strategy and Planning - Project Scoping and Definition
    1. Project Initiation, Definition, Justification and Risk Assessment
    2. Project Governance and Management
    3. Business Case Development
    4. Financial and Economic Analysis
    5. Stakeholder Engagement and Management
    6. Strategic Heritage Advice
  2. Design Excellence - Provide design services to meet client and project objectives
    1. Architecture
    2. Urban Design
    3. Landscape Architecture
    4. Emerging Design Practices

Submit an application at the Procurepoint website.

Scheme number: 0801

Procurement of consultants

If you are interested in procuring consultants to deliver design related services please go to the Information for buyers section of the website or contact GANSW for further advice.

Advisory Notes

GANSW has produced advisory notes to assist with supporting better procurement processes.