GANSW supports and promotes processes that create great design outcomes. It collaborates with other agencies and industry specialists in the preparation of webinars that focus on a range of special subject areas and emerging design policy. 

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Past webinars:

Design Guide for Health - Spaces, Places and Precincts

3 August 2023

Key Themes: Key elements of the design guide, how to implement the principles of the guide in practise and provide an opportunity for a live question and answer session.

Speakers: Abbie Galvin, Rebecca Wark, Olivia Hyde, Rory Toomey, Wade Sutton

Introducing the Connecting to Country Framework

3 July 2023

Key Themes: Connections between Aboriginal knowledge systems and western science, detail within the actions for delivering projects, how Aboriginal knowledge is helping to support projects, lessons learned/challenges, future opportunities from testing the draft Connecting with Country document.

Speakers: Rae Johnston, Dillon Kombumerri, Alison Page, Dr Danièle Hromek

Ocean Pools and Coastal Design

6 May 2021

Key Themes: Ocean pools in NSW, Future of ocean pools, Context of coastal development in NSW 

Speakers: Nicole Larkin with Megan Hutchison, Alicia Pozniak and Di Snape

Design and Place SEPP (Launch Webinar)

3 March 2021

Key Themes: Design and Place SEPP, Public exhibition, Explanation of Intended Effect

Speakers: Abbie Galvin, Paulo Macchia, Jillian Hopkins

Design Review: In Conversation

3 December 2020

Key Themes: State Design Review Panel (SDRP), Good Design, Design Review

Speakers: Ingrid Mather, Matthew Pullinger, Ian Lomas, Wade Sutton, Nick Byrne, Megan Fu, Carol Marra and Caroline Comino

Good Urban Design (The Levee Maitland and Riverlink Building)

5 November 2020

Key Themes: Good Urban Design, Urban Design for Regional NSW, case studies, Councils

Jane Threlfall, Alicia Pozniak, Aaron Cook, Adrian McGregor

Movement and Place in NSW

10 September 2020

Key Themes: Movement and Place in NSW, Movement and Place Framework, Practitioner’s Guide

Speakers: Marc Lane, Ben Cebuliak

Urban Design for Regional NSW

27 August 2020

Key Themes: Creating healthy-built environments, regional NSW, Implementing the Guide

Speakers: Jane Threlfall, Kate Rintoul, Jeremy Gray

Connecting with Country – Water

30 July 2020

Key Themes: Approach to water from a connecting with Country perspective, water landscapes of Sydney, Western Parkland City

Dillon Kombumerri, Mark Tyrrell

Greener Places

 2 July 2020

Key Themes: Greening our City, Greener Public Spaces, green infrastructure, Design and Public Space team

Speakers: Abbie Galvin, Barbara Schaffer, Steve Hartley  

Design and Places SEPP

19 June 2020

Key Themes: Design and Place SEPP Discussion with Minister Stokes, engage with industry and government colleagues, provide an update about other works

Minister Rob Stokes, Abbie Galvin

Connecting with Country – Engaging with Cultural Landscapes

7 May 2020

Key Themes: Cultural Landscapes, planning and designing our built environments, historic landscaping, historic records

Speakers: Dillon Kombumerri, Colleen Morris

Aligning Movement and Place

25 June 2019

Key Themes: Movement and Place, collaboration culture, new language

Speakers: Natalia Weglarz, Marc Lane, Dan Riley

Planning for Healthy Communities - Walking and Cycling in Regional NSW

18 June 2019

Key Themes: Healthy environment, health issues, how health is linked to the built environment

Speakers: Jane Threlfall, Susan Thompson, Ben Creighton, Jaime McNamara

Designing with Country

12 June 2019

Key Themes: Aboriginal culture, how we care for Country, planning context, cultural framework

Speakers: Dillon Kombumerri, Daniele Hromek

Watch the webinar - Designing with Country

Design Guide for Heritage

14 May 2019

Key Themes: Design guide, Heritage

Speakers: Lee Hillam, Tamas Jones, Caroline Pidcock, Catherine Forbes